Everyone is decrying the death of the local, independent bookstore.  So let’s do something about it!  On the first Saturday of the summer, June 25th, go to your local indie (or call Powells and have them ship  to you) and buy a book!  Buy one for yourself, buy one for someone you love, buy one for a gift.  If everyone did that on just one day — wow!!  The numbers would spike like crazy!  And if everyone kept doing that — even more wow!

In Chicago, where I live, we have some exceptional choices in indies.  And here they are, just in case you’re in the area and don’t know:

Sandmeyer’s Bookstore

Women and Children First

57th Street Books

Seminary Co-op

Newberry Library Bookstore

The Book Cellar

Read Between the Lynes

Anderson’s Bookshop

And that’s just to get you started!  To find even more indies, go to Indiebound and click on find bookstores.  You’ll see what’s near you and find some recommendations for great books, too.

Pick your book, pick your bookstore, go shopping on June 25th!


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