Fairy Tales and the National Book Award

Fairy tales.  They’re not just for kids.  But did you know that fairy tales for adults aren’t considered as contenders for the National Book Award?  Even though they qualify if they’re for kids?

Doesn’t that seem strange?    And interesting?  For more information, check this out . . .

And by the way, Kate Bernheimer (where you were just redirected if you clicked on that nifty link above) writes fairy tales.  Me, too!


You Might Want To Read This One

I just finished The Boneshaker by Kate Milford.  If you like your fantasy set in the real world (I do) and you like to be freaked out by strangeness (I do) and you’re interested in steampunk, read this.  I’m not writing a review, but Milford does a masterful job of creepiness with this book, sets it in an interesting town near a crossroads (always dangerous, those crossroads) and gives you some great characters.    And, it has a wonderful cover.