Blood and Flowers update

I now have the first typeset copy of Blood and Flowers.  It’s gorgeous, and I just finished going through it last night, making minor corrections.  I hadn’t looked at it for a bit and was very pleased with how it reads.  Hope to be able to post the cover soon!


Illinois Young Authors Conference

The Illinois Young Authors Conference was last weekend (May 14 and 15) in Normal, Illinois on the Illinois State University campus.  I got to talk with about 75 8th graders about writing and publishing.  I was on an open panel with Kat Falls (author of Dark Life) and we played with some amazing and interesting questions.  The kids were amazing, ISU was lovely, the campus Barnes and Noble that hosted our signing was great.  I handed out copies of Serendipity Market to all the 8th graders and signed for a lot of other people.  I even had people ask for pictures — fun!!

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who put the conference together!  I had a blast!