Macmillan and Amazon

Last Friday removed all buy buttons from books published by because Macmillan wanted to control its own e-books.  Read a much better post than I could ever do about the kerfuffle at Scott Westerfeld’s blog.

This is a big deal because as we all know Amazon is pretty much the biggest bookseller anywhere and taking away an entire publishing house is just sad, bad and evil.

If there are any books you love from Macmillan, let Amazon know you want the buy buttons back!  They were supposed to go back up, after a skirmish in which Macmillan refused to back down.  Yes, Amazon apparently blinked, as Scott Westerfeld says.  The buttons should have been back on Monday.  Here it is Wednesday, and nope, no buy buttons from what I can tell.

You could tell Amazon you want those buttons back even if you don’t have a favorite Macmillan title.  Better yet, go to your local independent bookstore, the places that care about authors and books, not dollars.  Or, if you need to shop online, try  Or Indie Bound.


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