Wynken Blinken and Nod

No one seems to have heard of the poem by Eugene Field.  This is kind of amazing to me sine I think I’ve known it forever.

Wynken, Blinken and Nod one night

Went off in a wooden shoe.

And they fly.  And catch stars.  And the soporific rhyme is perfect for bedtime.

Here’s the interesting thing — Eugene Field was from Chicago, where I live, and there’s a very cool statue of him at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is something else no one seems to know about.  I’ve asked around and everyone says. “Who?” and  “At the zoo?  Where?”

Field worked for the Chicago Daily News in the late 1800s.  As a sideline, he wrote verse — and he published over a dozen books.  Many of them we illustrated by Maxfield Parrish.

Aside from the statue in Lincoln Park, there’s a park and a fieldhouse named after him in Chicago’s Albany Park nieghborhood.

Now browse through Serendipity Market and see which story is about Wynken, Blinken and Nod.  And then, check out Mr. Field himself!

One comment on “Wynken Blinken and Nod

  1. solvangsherrie says:

    I remember that poem. I can still remember the illustrations that surrounded it in the book my mother would read from.

    The Doobie Brothers also have a song of the poem. When my kids were little we listened to it on the cd, “A Child’s Celebration of Song.”

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