Fan Mail

I just got my first two fan letters! Cool. They were from local seventh graders and were sweet and complimentary.

I also just found out that I picked up a lovely review in the August issue of VOYA (Voice Of Youth Advocates).

And lately I’ve been thinking of lost books — those wonderful old ones that never seem to surface on lists but are just so great. Right now I’m rereading Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright and it’s probably the 30th time I’ve read it. And it still holds up and holds together and I love it.

Another one is To Nick from Jan by Julie Campbell Tatham, the person who wrote all those Trixie Belden books (which still kind of work, too) and the Ginny Gordon books. To Nick from Jan is a prototypical teen romance and I read and re-read it and I don’t really even like teen romances.

Check them out!